Mr Smith, Chester

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    Insulated Ceiling, Plaster Finish, Tapco Slate

The Problem

Mr and Mrs Smith were not able to use their conservatory as a living space because of the extreme differences in temperature and because of the glare on the TV screen. They were planning to move house because they needed more space.

The Solution

A new conservatory roof was created bespoke to their conservatory. The ceiling was lined with 19 layer insulation and finished with Plaster.

The Outcome

Mr and Mrs Smith still live in the same house. The new conservatory roof has allowed them to use the space as a living area and therefore they have been able to extend their kitchen into another room.

“Having a new roof on our conservatory was the best thing we have ever done. It is now the perfect living space and we use it daily. It’s stays warm and cosy all year round. The roof is very strong, I stand on it to clean the upstairs window. Thank you for a great job well done.” – Mr Smith