Is your conservatory too hot in summer but too cold in winter?

Need more living space at home?

Don't worry! We have the solution to ensure your existing conservatory stays "just-right" all year round and reduces outside noise at the same time but still maintains a 'homely' feel, rather than looking commercial.

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The tiles we use have BBA Certification number 08/4603.

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Turn your conservatory into a usable room.

For the past 8 years, we have been creating the perfect solution to turn your conservatory back into part of your home. So if you're looking for the perfect conservatory roof replacement, we have just what you need.




Four Seasons Conversions are the UK's leading installer of fully guaranteed conservatory insulation and roofing systems with over 8 years experience.

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The 4S Structural A-Frame

Our system provides excellent support for larger weights compared to other systems such as "cross battening". These inferior methods provide no structural integrity and could collapse or allow the window frames to spread under heavy snow load - this is why we have developed the 4S Structural A-Frame.

Just some of our happy customers...

Having carried out hundreds of successful conversions it is impossible to list them all so here is a small selection of our success stories.

Every tiled conservatory roof conversion is carried out by our team of highly trained fitters who take care of every detail to ensure a beautiful finish. On each of our conversions, a dedicated project manager will oversee the conversion from start to finish.

Four Seasons Conversions U-Value Comparison

Polycarbonate Roof Heat Loss (%)
Glass Roof Heat Loss (%)
Tiled & Insulated Roof Heat Loss (%)

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  • Genuine Tapco Slates
  • 0.18 ‘U’ value
  • Made to Measure Insulation
  • Genuine SuperQuilt - 19 Layer Insulation
  • 25mm external insulated panels
  • New Gutters
  • New Facias
  • New Soffit
  • New Downpipes

As house prices rise and families grow it becomes harder to find enough room for everybody. As your conservatory is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter it is not a practical space. Not only that but in the rain you can't hear yourself think. One of our slate-look tiled conservatory roofs transforms the space into a usable room like any other in the house without breaking the bank.


  • Sun Room
  • Games Room
  • TV Room
  • Lounge
  • Dining Room
  • Office

Reclaim your conservatory - with a solid insulated tiled roof...

Benefits and Possibilities of converting to a solid roof structure...

In most cases, conservatories are almost totally unusable. Our slate-look roof conversions turn your conservatory into a ‘Sun Room’. You can comfortably use your conservatory as a lounge, office, dining room, playroom or games room.

Because of our conservatory solid roof insulation you can save energy meaning a reduction on your heating bills - your conservatory will keep warm during the winter keep cool in the summer so you can use it every single day. This will also prevent damage of goods by reducing the risk of damp within the conservatory.

The solid structure of a conservatory roof replacement and the addition of insulation help to reduce external noise such as traffic or rain. This makes it much easier to use the room for listening to the radio, watching TV, holding a conversation over dinner. This noise reduction works two ways too - neighbours will be less likely to hear the sound of your loud pop music, your drum kit or your children running riot making noise.

Because a sun room can be used as a living space during all four seasons of the year it adds more value to your property than a traditional glass or translucent conservatory roof.

Because a conservatory roof conversion has similar effects on the light as ceiling blinds, our roofs create a space you can use technology easily with reduced glare caused by the Sun. Sun damage in a regular conservatory can be devastating - our roofing system protects furniture and other assets from the UV rays produced by direct sunlight through the roof therefore protecting from bleaching. This also prevents people from being able to see into the conservatory from elevated windows - such as those nosy neighbours next door.




Slate solid roofing is the most popular design for roofing and it has been for centuries. TapcoSlate combines the character of real slate with the ease and durability of tiling panels to create perfect conservatory roofing panels. TapcoSlate comes with a 40-year manufacturer’s Warranty against product defects.


We love comfort.

We're all about making your conservatory as comfortable as the rest of your home throughout all four seasons of the year.

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No. We construct to building regulations and use materials that are LABC approved.
Yes. Not only do our conservatory roof conversions prevent heat loss but they also act as an excellent soundproof aid too. The air pockets contained within just one of the 19 layers of the insulation help to reduce the sound from harsh weather and also reduce the noise from nearby traffic, aircraft or every-day life.
Yes. Our insulated conservatory roof will reduce the peaks and troughs extreme differences in temperature from winter to summer meaning that your conservatory is not too cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer. We achieve this by lining panels of reflective insulation between your existing conservatory roof and your new uPVC or Plaster finished ceiling.
Yes. As moist, warm air rises and hits the cold surface of the ceiling, the condensation forms. The insulation prevents the ceiling from being cold enough to form moisture and also acts as a barrier between the room and the glass conservatory ceiling too.
Yes. Our workmanship on Tapco roofs is guaranteed for a period of ten years. We are confident in the skills of our team to ensure that our insulated ceilings are free from defects.
Our team can install an insulated ceiling in just one day. If you have any special requirements (such as an extremely large conservatory or a conservatory in need of repairs) it may run over onto a second day. As a general rule the job takes as long as needed to ensure perfection.

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