Do you need an insulated conservatory ceiling?


If your conservatory is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter then you need an insulated conservatory ceiling.


Would you like to be able to make use of your conservatory during all four seasons of the year?

To make your conservatory feel like a regular room, you do not need to make any drastic changes. Our insulation products will help keep a nicer temperature all year round.


You can either finish your conservatory's insulated ceiling in uPVC or Plaster making your conservatory look and feel like a regular room but with the brightness and view of a regular conservatory.


There will be no major change in appearance from the outside as the insulation looks similar to ceiling blinds.

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Our Insulation Process...

Step One

Your existing greenhouse conservatory is checked for problems. We fix any leaks or problems before installing your insulation.

Step Two

The sub-frame, made of treated timber, is installed on the underside of any existing roof beams. We ensure a perfectly finished job by cutting all joists to size carefully.

Step Three

The insulation, which is made up of 19 layers, is installed covering the ceiling. Our insulation is fully certified as fire retardant and is also compliant with current building regulations.

Step Four

We now fit a second sub-frame ready for the new ceiling. This will support either the uPVC cladding or plasterboard to be used to finish the ceiling.

Step Five

Using uPVC cladding or Plaster, we will create a new ceiling that follows the existing shape and design of your existing conservatory roof.


Yes. Not only do our conservatory roof solutions prevent heat loss but they also act as an excellent soundproof aid because of the air pockets contained within one of the layers of the insulation. This will both help to reduce the sound from harsh weather and also reduce the noise from nearby traffic, aircraft or every-day life.
Yes. An insulated conservatory roof will reduce the extreme differences in temperature from winter to summer meaning that your conservatory is not too cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer. We achieve this by lining panels of reflective insulation between your existing conservatory roof and your new uPVC or Plaster finished ceiling.
Yes. As moist, warm air rises and hits the cold surface of the ceiling, the condensation forms. The insulation prevents the ceiling from being cold enough to form moisture and also acts as a barrier between the room and the glass conservatory ceiling too.
Yes. Our workmanship is guaranteed for a period of five years. We are confident in the skills of our team to ensure that our insulated ceilings are free from defects.
Our team can install an insulated ceiling in just one day. If you have any special requirements (such as an extremely large conservatory or a conservatory in need of repairs) it may run over onto a second day.
You don't need to worry about the appearance of the insulation from the outside. We don't actually alter the outside of the conservatory at all! The reverse side of the insulation looks similar to regular ceiling blinds. If you have a polycarbonate conservatory roof (that is translucent) you will notice almost no difference what-so-ever.

Available finishes...

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