Ceiling Insulation Plasterboard Finish

Ceiling insulation will create a comfortable living space all year round. If you are thinking of insulating your conservatory roof you need to choose one of our two finishing options: uPVC Cladding or Plasterboard.

Unlike other conservatory insulation companies, we use a system called Tape and Joint which is far better than skin plaster – it is lighter and we are not introducing water to the ceiling. It is paintable within 24 hours unlike regular plaster which can take 7 days to cure.

Conservatory Ceiling Insulation

Our 19 layer insulation that will line your conservatory roof has two distinct uses... it insulates the ceiling during the winter and reflects direct sunlight during summertime. This creates a constant comfortable temperature all year around.

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Our Insulation Process...

Step One

Your existing greenhouse conservatory is checked for problems. We fix any leaks or problems before installing your insulation.

Step Two

The sub-frame, made of treated timber, is installed on the underside of any existing roof beams. We ensure a perfectly finished job by cutting all joists to size carefully.

Step Three

The insulation, which is made up of 19 layers, is installed covering the ceiling. Our insulation is fully certified as fire retardant and is also compliant with current building regulations.

Step Four

We now fit a second sub-frame ready for the new ceiling. This will support either the uPVC cladding or plasterboard to be used to finish the ceiling.

Step Five

Using uPVC cladding or Plasterboard, we will create a new ceiling that follows the existing shape and design of your existing conservatory roof.