LABC Conservatory Regulations

LABC Conservatory Roof Regulations

There are various procedures and regulations when it comes to conservatory roofing. Therefore, the LABC (Local Authority Building Control) put together a guide for householders, which will ensure that your desired roof has been fully designed, warranted and tested before any work can go ahead. A copy of this document should be provided to the householder by the company who will be fitting the roof. When it comes to the fitting of the roof, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to be absolutely certain that the work carried out and materials used are fully compliant with the law, as well as all the regulations.

The correct procedure must be followed throughout and there must be no shortcuts whatsoever. LABC certification is also required in order to validate any conservatory roof. You may have problems selling your home if you do not choose the correct solution. As well as this, your conservatory roof could be structurally unsafe.

The main reason that your roof will need to be highly insulated is because a conservatory will have to withstand many different types of weather conditions, from cold winds, rain and snow to extreme heat. In the UK, weather patterns tend to go from one extreme to the other. Therefore, it is crucial to be prepared for any eventuality when it comes to a good conservatory – complete with appropriate roofing. If your conservatory roof is not up to scratch, then you may not be covered by your home insurer.

It is also mentioned in the LABC Householders guide to re-roofing conservatories and porches that ‘there is also a potential to introduce a condensation problem that will inevitably occur if plasterboard is applied to the underside of the existing roof with little or no insulation above it’. This basically means that if your conservatory offers very little insulation or no insulation at all, then cold bridging from the outside climate will occur. This will reach the inside plasterboards and will appear as lines of beaded condensation where the roof rafters are fitted. This is a result of warm, moist air being attracted to the coldest parts of the roof.

So, whether you’re having a new conservatory fitted, or you simply need to have a new roof, you must be fully aware of the LABC Conservatory Regulations and make sure that you are fully compliant.

Visit the LABC website and view the Technical Guide.