The 4S Structural A-Frame

Conservatory Roof Conversions have been a popular alternative to having a new extension for 6/7 years now. It is only now that problems are starting to occur as a result of poor structural integrity. Our system provides excellent support for larger weights. Other systems such as cross battening provides no structural integrity and under heavy snow load could collapse or allow the window frames to spread - this is why we have developed the 4S Structural A-Frame (Patent Pending).

We believe we are the only company to have developed this method and we have used this successfully for over 6 years with none of the problems that are now being seen in other methods. 

The timber used in the 4s Structural A-Frame is John Brash timber and it comes with a 60 year warranty. Our technical team have designed and tested the 4S Structural A-Frame and it is the only tried-and-tested, safe method of converting a conservatory roof.

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